aiREDACT Protects Sensitive Data

aiREDACT Protects Sensitive Data in Public Records

With the recent movement across the nation to allow access to publicly-available court records online, it has become paramount for clerks to ensure that the sensitive data in all documents is protected. This represents an enormous shift in process when considering that until now, clerks have only been redacting specific documents in case files that are requested by the public in person. Consequently, protecting sensitive data, such as social security numbers, bank account numbers and names of protected parties while providing online access to court records to the general public is no small task in terms of human and financial resources. It requires a combination of software that can redact sensitive information and manpower to ensure the process for accuracy.

aiREDACT™ uses state-of-the-art OCR technology along with its own sophisticated recognition techniques to accurately analyze contextual clues and decipher digital data for a more surgical redaction of privacy data. aiREDACT generates a redacted version of the document for public and internet viewing while maintaining the original version for authorized users. Plus, since aiREDACT can automatically redact images based on a business rules engine and self-learning technology, clerks can reserve the manpower for accuracy checks as opposed to endless hours manually checking every page in every court file requested by the public.

aiREDACT was the first-of-its-kind software released in 2000, and is in use in over 130 counties across the U.S.

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