5 Counties. One aiSMARTBENCH.

The 112th Judicial District in Texas just signed a deal to implement aiSMARTBENCH by Mentis Technology. The district consists of five counties (Pecos, Sutton, Regan, Crockett and Upton counties) and three different Case Management Systems.  A solution was needed that would seamlessly access them all. aiSMARTBENCH was chosen primarily for its flexibility to work with any CMS. With this new integration, the judge will have one dashboard to access to all 3 Case Management Systems used across the various counties.


As counties and states across the U.S. transition to paperless courtrooms, jurisdictions need to provide their judges with a tool that can handle the high volume and high-speed demands of a court docket.

aiSMARTBENCH, by Mentis Technology, is built on a proven document platform that has been managing high volumes of scanned documents for more than 15 years. This platform is critical to executing split-second, full-text searches of even scanned documents, which is why aiSMARTBENCH is the tool judges are embracing. It connects to ANY case or document management system.  It’s easy to use, easy to learn and faster than traditional paper.

aiSMARTBENCH provides a fast, reliable path to a paperless system in the courtroom.

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